Organizations that we support:

727cb383f27770733a404590827f3b22NuDay Syria
: empowering and aiding with dignity Syria’s mothers and children as well as building bridges from our families here in the US to families inside Syria.

static1-squarespaceInternational Institute of New England
: building vibrant, inclusive communities in New England by welcoming refugees  and immigrants and providing them education and guided pathways to careers and citizenship.

eor_log1Eyes on Refugees
: assisting the most vulnerable in finding safe refuge, traveling to areas of greatest need and providing basic necessities to help the refugees out of their dire situations.


074eac_3547800384ec4503ae4a7668dcd760e1Boston Center for Refugee Health & Human Rights: utilizing an innovative, holistic approach in working with survivors of torture and refugee communities from around the world to provide vital care for a healthy body, mind, and soul.

: providing support for refugees through donation into the hands of the very person you can connect with while helping to bridge the culture gap.